16 January 2016

Finding God at the Park

We took a family trip to the park this evening. Worn out from a recent bout of insomnia and nightmares, combined with the physical stress of 35 weeks of pregnancy, I sat on a bench and watched until I got too cold, when I went and sat in the car. While I sat on the bench, I was next to this mother of a lovely little family of 4 girls. I made some efforts at small talk but it was clear that she was uncomfortable with speaking to me in English and I haven't the vaguest idea what language she naturally spoke. So we said a just few words, I expressed my admiration at her little clan and then we sat in a comfortable silence. 

Back in the car a little while later, I opened up my scriptures. I've learned that, these days, I have to seize the passing moments to put in my time with the word of God. I never regret finding Him in any time or space. I looked up after a few minutes to watch my little ones delight in their play with their daddy and, as I did, I saw that the mother I had sat next to was quietly saying her evening prayers. While her husband manned the playground duties, she alternately stood and knelt on the damp grass communing with God. It wasn't showy, or this big deal, or anything of the sort. It was a mother, putting in her time with God.

She may be Muslim and I am Christian. She may not speak much English and I don't speak anything else. But my heart felt so close to her. There we were. Two mothers of our little clans, finding God at the park. There is no space too small or insignificant for Him. There is no moment He is not eager to feel our hearts turn to Him. There is no greater gift we can give our children than to let them watch their mothers find Him in their lives, even at the park. 


  1. I sure love you. You are such an inspiration to me.

  2. This was so so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.