29 November 2015

How to write again aka whatever comes to mind

Apparently there is research that suggests that you are, essentially, the 5 people who you spend the most time with. I mean, obviously, you still remain you and whatnot, but you are heavily influenced by who you choose to spend your time with. As a full-time, hang-out-at-home mom, this has some interesting implications. I'm always wondering what exactly is wearing off on me from my hoodlums. So, if my behavior seems to have a slight 3 year old flair (I have no idea how to explain this to anyone who has not yet raised a 3 year old) you'll have to forgive me. And if I have a meltdown over dinner being something other than bread and chocolate, well, I do have a 20 month old in the house.

Life's been charging on lately. Apparently I'm already 29 weeks along! This hoodlum straight-up parties for at least an hour straight every day. Seriously. The kicking, punching, rolling, stomping is out of control. You know it's bad when Tyler notices it and he isn't EVEN TOUCHING ME. Belly jumping for the win. Which, by the way, still is so strange to me, watching my former six-pack abs (ha!) do gymnastics seemingly of their own accord.

I started getting up at 5.30am in the morning. This is both my saving grace and my total downfall. Approximately once every two weeks, I end up so totally exhausted that I sleep like the dead on a Saturday morning until at least 11. Then I take a nap with the kids that day at around 1pm and go to bed by 8pm or so. But my days are calmer, I'm getting time with God, and when Mili bursts through the bedroom door with indomitable enthusiasm and starving for breakfast, I'm no longer covering my face with my hands and saying silent prayers to help me keep my tongue in check and say only nice things.