28 May 2015

And so I got this new bike...

We knew it had been coming for awhile.  Tyler switched roles at work and, consequentially, no longer could drive the work van.  We were back to one car.  Have you ever walked anywhere with toddlers?  It is painfully slow.  Standing around the block.  Attempting to eek out enthusiasm for the hundredth leaf they have picked up.  And no matter how I kid myself, I will not voluntarily walk to anything further than a quarter mile away.  But, I will ride - a bike that is.

So, I tried out the whole two bike seats on one bike dealio.  A normal mountain bike.  It was alright.  My mother was worried for our safety.  I probably should have been too.  Eh.

Enter in some generous love, help, and Craigslisting from my mother (who happens to have a talent for finding ridiculous Craigslist gems), a whooooooooooole lot of tender mercies from a loving Father in Heaven, and the miracle of a bakfiet style bike actually going up for sale IN San Diego.

Add in a bus ride with two children, some walking, bribery (ice cream), a quick trip to a bank, and the nicest Craiglist interaction I've ever had.

And you'll meet Faith:

Isn't she a beaut?

So.  If you're asking if I need a lift or a car, I'm good.

I'm riding on Faith today.


For those who are interested, Faith is made by Virtue Bike, a company based out of San Diego.  This is their Virtue Gondolier, see here.  It's a bit smaller than many of the bakfiets (box in the front) style bikes out there in the US, but comfortably seats both my hoodlums on the bench.  There are also straps for the kids.  Steering took about 10 minutes to get really used to, but really, it's just riding another bike.  Since we live in an area that is full of really steep hills, we'll probably add an electrical assist.  For right now, I plan on being able to do about 2 big hills before my legs are toast and I am avoiding the really, really big ones.  I'll get stronger I'm sure.

Both kids love it and Noah cries because I take too long, in his opinion, to get him into the box.  Every time.  Longest ride yet was the ride home from buying it, 7 miles or so.  Today was our first attempt at a grocery run.  I can get a small grocery load, about 3 days worth for our family I'd say, plus kids in without a problem.

This whole thing was started because of my super awesome cousin Kayla who has a Madsen bucket bike and paved the way to show me what was possible on a bicycle.