16 December 2014

As of late

  • In an effort to better get Mili involved in helping around the house, I made up this 'helping hands' chart.  When she fills it with hands that she's earned, she gets to pick out something from a little stash I have (mainly Play Doh and coloring books).  She filled it for the first time and was SO excited!  I can't believe it's actually working so well.

  • We bought warmer pjs for the hoodlums.  Mili picked out the space jammies and then was all for Noah matching.  They wore those pjs (with rain boots) to temple lights.  In our new shark stroller.
  • Mili reallly realllly realllly wants to push Noah anytime he's in the shark stroller.  I let her whenever possible.  We may walk pretty slow and very crooked, but naptime is always a breeze afterwards.
  • Noah has cut a big tooth, had a cold, and been going through a growth spurt, or in other words, we haven't slept.  On the upside, he is the cheeriest, sweetest sick and tired dude ever.
  • I am failing miserably at most everything Christmas-related.  The only real success is that Mili knows the story of Jesus' birth and I actually hung up stockings.  There is nothing else. Seriously.

03 December 2014


Today is gray, drizzly, damp, and, best of all, full of puddles.  We took a morning walk and puddle stomp through the neighborhood until we found a sufficiently large enough pool of water to stay and splash in for a good while.  Mili stomped, tromped, ran, leaped, and shuffled through a verrrrry large, 4-5 inch deep pool of only slightly murky water for at least 10 minutes or more.  Noah started to laugh every time she ran through it, so she ran back and forth again and again and again.  And Noah laughed again and again and again.  Some guy came out of his apartment (that we were camped out in front of) on his way to work and I saw my hoodlums' joy spread.  He went to work in a good mood today, it's impossible to not be cheered by baby laughter.  And eventually Mili tripped and landed totally in the water so we had a sopping wet walk home; I smiled as she protested having to leave her prize puddle behind.  Then I laughed as I dumped out at least a half cup of water out of her rain boots on our front doorway - I knew she was squishing, I didn't realize she had been sloshing home.

There are no pictures of these events because I am practicing experiencing the happy moments as they happen over trying to capturing every single one on camera.  "Sometimes the best moments in life don't photograph well."