22 September 2014

A day

*Inspired by Annie
Disclaimer: I've been working to reduce my need to 'get stuff done' all the time and be more present with my little hoodlums, so my days lately are slower paced and closer to home. We do get out of the house though and do socialize with friends! I'm learning how to let myself and my role as a mother be enough - this day at home is actually hard for me to share. It makes me feel a bit inadequate. Also, I know I didn't get it exactly right. But it's close enough to how my day was. 

5.30am: Tyler wakes me up like I asked him to. I make a pathetic attempt at waking up a few times in the next 30 minutes then give up entirely. He goes to work at 6.30.

6.45am: Noah is awake, chatting happily in his crib. I haul myself out of bed. He nurses, then plays on the floor while I eat first breakfast.

7.30am: Mili Kay wakes up and immediately insists on removing her pajamas. She is so excited for our run that she actually picks out and puts on clothes without a single hesitation!

7.50ish: I load up both hoodlums into the running stroller and I run. Slowly. For 26 minutes.
8.30am: We are home and inside. Noah goes down for his morning nap. I make Mili her breakfast and my second breakfast. We eat, then I resist the urge to let her watch Daniel Tiger and instead we read books for 20 minutes. Then we shower, get (re)dressed, and all ready for the day. 

10am: Noah is awake. He eats some carrots. We skype my parents. Then we go to the store to buy laundry hampers and some snacks. Mili wears her rain boots. 

11.30am: Home again. Noah is acting tired and so gets plunked down for a nap. Snack time. Some more books. More resisting Daniel Tiger. Mili asks to play outside on the balcony with the bowls and water, I let her have at it. I start some laundry, wash some dishes, pick up my room, keep refilling the watering can for MK, and repeat. 
1.30pm: Noah woke up sometime earlier and we've all been in the front room or kitchen - eating lunch, playing with toys, reading more books (Mili is very into books right now), wishing I could get something done, talking to Tyler on the phone. I avoid more dishes. I do sweep the kitchen floor. 

2.00pm: Mili goes down for her nap in her underwear since she soaked her clothes earlier. She always ends up in just her underwear.  I read some scriptures and put Noah down at 2.30ish. He isn't super tired but I'm falling over I'm so sleepy. I nap. 

3.15pm: Noah is awake and frustrated. It wasn't really his nap time so he is disoriented after his little cat nap. I get up in a fog, give him his pacifier. After 15 minutes I am feeling happy and human again. I clean the bathroom sink and even unclog the drain after watching a YouTube tutorial. I feel like Superwoman. Noah wakes up again. I accept that I wrecked his afternoon nap schedule. I go get him. 

4.20pm: MK is awake and all smiles! I decide to not broach the clothing topic. She can stay mostly naked. I start on the dishes again with her help. Noah plays in the laundry basket. 

4.45pm: Tyler is home!!!!! I wash more dishes while Noah fusses indignantly that Tyler is taking a shower instead of holding him. 

5.15pm: The fridge is completely bare. I give up and feed us mac and cheese. From the box. I don't even feel bad.

6.20pm: Bathtime, jammies, etc. 

7.15pm: Family Home Evening. A 4 minute lesson and a 10+ minute treat eating session. Noah then goes to bed. 

7.30pm: Bedtime routine. Books upon books with scriptures and prayers sandwiched in between

8.00pm: Both hoodlums are in bed! I look at Instagram for 10 minutes. Tyler and I read scriptures. He does business work, I meal plan then blog instead of going to bed like I was supposed to. 

10pm: Bed. Maybe I'll actually get up tomorrow. 

09 September 2014

Wuv, Twue Wuv

Tyler returned from his mission in Brazil in January of 2007 (if you have no idea what I'm talking about with the word mission or why on earth Tyler was in Brazil from 2005-2007, go here).  The first Sunday of February he bore his testimony during the worship services of my local church congregation.

My first thoughts were this or probably something close:
Good looking
Sounds intelligent
Incredible testimony
Returned missionary
Loves the Savior
Good looking
Very good looking

Needless to say, I made sure we met.  After two years and a friendship that was awesome, awkward, and sometimes angst-filled (for me, not for him), we started dating.

Fast forward.
In August we celebrated FIVE years of marriage!  Whoa.  I think I blinked somewhere in there.  And had a couple kids.  We moved a few eight times.  You know.  Stuff.

I had a dreams of a big, romantical, wonderful anniversary post.  But I think it's enough that our life together is big, romantical, and wonderful.  This marriage stuff, it's the best.

04 September 2014

A Good Day

Wednesday started off with this:
MK's first dance class.  Tapping and sashaying and as many pizza dance arms as you could ever want.

After naptime, it then progressed to this:
Afternoon (balance) bike ride to the park, with Noah, me, and the stroller following behind.  Alllllll the way to the park.  Where she played and played and played.  Then she ran alllllll the way home.

A quick dinner and bath then she was out the door in her PJs to go on a visit with her dad.  To finally come home and eat a 'snack' that was bigger than her usual dinnertime intake, brush her teeth, and fall asleep in about 30 seconds flat.

The end.