21 August 2014


In July we went on a almost 3 week retrieve the car/family reunion/drive to Utah and back shindig.  We got home and two or three days later went and house sat for a family in our ward for over a week.  Officially we have been home now for about 2 weeks.

I have just recovered.

The war against laundry has finally come to a cease-fire.  The kitchen minefield has been downgraded to a plain old slightly messy area.  And my exhaustion level is now manageable (aka my children are no longer switching off to wake me up every hour on the hour) and I am not attempting to doze on the floor while they are still awake.

Remind me never to take a vacation again.  Actually, remind me to never take a vacation then commit to a big thing (like housesitting) without at least 5 days in between the two obligations.  Because it was really the back-to-back punches that got me.

In really exciting news, Tyler found me a great double running stroller and both kids think it is the best when Mama goes on runs, so I'm finally regularly running again!  This has caused my sleeping needs to vault up dramatically, but it's enough that I'm finally getting good at putting myself to bed.  Tyler is ecstatic over that. Also related, I'm eating us out of house and home because nursing and running with a double stroller equals one starving girl.

That, my friends, is my life.  If you think my life is terribly boring, insignificant, or pathetic - don't tell me. And if you want to make fun of the fact that I dream about having a dishwasher, come wash my dishes and then make fun of me.

11 August 2014

To My 2 Year Old

Nobody told me I'd like you this much.
 Nobody told me I'd laugh this hard.
Nobody told me you at two was this much fun.
      Thanks for being my girl.