25 June 2014

Personal Vortex

The next time I suggest a trip to Arizona without my husband, please, someone stop me. 

Arizona has apparently become a personal vortex. There is some magnetic pull which causes my well-laid plans to go up in smoke and I find myself stranded at (very loving and patient) parental homes. First was a two and a half week trip turned into a 6 week waiting game. Government paperwork is the worst. Now is a 4 night camping trip with an overnight stay at my in-laws that evolved into an unintentional 5 nights added on out here in Gold Canyon. And a very, very expensive car repair that I'm not sticking around any longer for. Rental car here we come. We need to go home and we'll collect our original car later. 

As much as I realllllly want to whine about it all, I'm going to grudingly admit that, both times, these unintentional extensions have been very personally beneficial. I get to see people I haven't seen in forever. And snuggle babies I've been dying to meet!  But most of all, I get a lot of quiet, unfilled, uninterrupted night time to ponder and think. I come away with some really profound personal lessons and spiritually more refined. 

So, the next time I suggest a trip to Arizona without my husband, remind me to plan on more days than I think.