05 May 2014

Sista sista!

Whenever I realize I'm in a conversation with a one-upper (you know, they always have to one up your story, adventure, anything you talk about) I always hope we'll get on the topic of siblings.  Specifically sisters. Because no one can one up my sister.  For reals though, she is the coolest.
Her and J
Let's get just a taste of her noteworthy cool points:
  • She's a back-up African dancer in a music video for K-Bass.  Look for the dancing white girl.  I mean, this is probably enough alone.  But, I'll list some more.
  • She's lived in Tanzania (that's in Africa for all you people who don't know your geography) and spent 2 years in the jungles of Suriname (South America).
  • She speaks a language that isn't even written.
  • She's related to me!  Ha. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Anywho. She's awesome for a lot more reasons than those too and I could get really sappy, but I'll save that for another day.  The whole point of this is to let you know that she is doing yet another really grand adventure.

She and her boyfriend have just set off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail aka walking from Mexico to Canada along the mountains and lots of other wilderness.  That's over 2000 miles.  On foot.  And she's blogging it! You should all read it.  Because don't YOU want to know what on earth that's like?  G and J started this last week at the Southern Terminus of the trail and I got to drop them off myself.  It is literally at the Mexican/American border.  You could touch the fence if you wanted.

So go!  Here: One of Many Circles.  Why are you still reading this?  Make sure you leave her some comment love to cheer them on.  You can thank me for introducing you to her later.