05 March 2014

Oh Germs.

I've been really excited to write about how much we are liking the San Diego area and getting into our groove here, but this past week some nasty, lingering cold germ hit our family (Tyler is still suffering).  It's a miracle no one has died, though mostly from the cabin fever and lack of sleep more than anything else.  Mili must think I've turned into the most awful Mom and after only a single watching of 'Lilo and Stitch,' she began to request it by name so much that if you say "Lilo" in my house, I just may kick you out.  On happier notes, my mom sent the most incredible package and it did manage to get here on the third UPS truck driving by at 6.30pm - I wasn't watching compulsively or anything all day.  My sister sent me a beautiful necklace she made with crazy cool freshwater pearls, just because.  And I'm learning that patience is sometimes built in spurts, when your poor 20 month old revolts against being in the house yet another day. It's not like you can even blame her.

So, what I'm saying is, life was just life this week.  Making me grateful for all those rather nondescript, pretty good kinda days.