13 December 2013

A Photoshoot... Of sorts.

Well, I'm proud to say, I stuck to my guns!  Today at the ultrasound, I did not find out the gender.  Whew.  And, so for those of you who can read ultrasounds, here is Miller Little #2!  For those of you who cannot read ultrasounds, the appropriate reponse is, "Oooohh!  How cute!"  Just kidding.  How can you even tell a kid is cute via ultrasound?  And P.S. I still find 3D ultrasounds creepy.  The tech was apologizing that the 3D machine was broken and I was totally relieved.

11 December 2013

A Love Letter to England - Just a little late.

Disclaimer:  Clearly, I wrote this a long time ago.  Well, a few months ago.  I meant to add more, but I think it's enough.

We leave England in just over two weeks.  I know that I keep mentioning this a bajillion times but international moving is kind of a big thing, okay?  And in the hassle of reducing all our belongings down to not enough suitcases and getting excited to eat enough Mexican food to make up for these last two years, it's really really easy to forget how cool it has really been to be here.  I mean, we live in ENGLAND!  A foreign country!  And anyone who says it isn't that big of an adventure because they still speak English has clearly never heard a Geordie or Scottish accent and never experienced the completely unplanned for culture shock upon moving.

So, to keep me thankful (and maybe make you feel just a teensy bit sad that you didn't come visit because almost no one did - guys, free room and board! but no, you all have to be on student budgets that can't afford plane tickets just like us), here is a little bit of love towards this wonderful place.
  • During the summer it stays light for soooooooo long!  It is still a bit light out at 11.30 pm and the sun is fully up by 3.30 or 4 am.
  • Free health care.  Whatever opinion you have about this, it was awesome to be able to have Mili Kay and not worry a bit about the cost.  Just don't mention our tuition,  Please.
  • We lived basically ON the beach.  I've always wanted to try that out!  And it was great in so many ways.
  • The people.  I can't vouch for much of those from the south of England, but there are some of the most genuine and loving people I've ever encountered up here in the Northeast.  And though we only got to go to Edinburgh a few times, I've got a serious soft spot for the Scottish.
  • English countryside.  It isn't the Rocky Mountains, but it has its own, soft and comfortable kind of beauty.  Even the rugged bits seem, this might be the wrong word, accessible?
  • Chocolate.  Oh dearie me, the chocolate.
  • Public transport is so much better here than what I have ever been used to.  Metros, buses, the tube, trains...
  • Everyone is so into Christmas here.  It's a tad overwhelming, but so festive!
  • The British are serious about their gardening.  Just a walk down the street and we get to see so many different flowers.  And ooooohhhhh the tulips.  I will ache for the tulips in the spring.
  • There are actually old places and buildings here.  Castles and what not.
  • When you go to cross the street at busy intersections, signs say, "Please wait for the green man."  Kills me every time.
  • People think homemade American cookies are seriously one of the best gifts they've ever received.  Do you know how easy it is to make cookies?  Little effort, big reward.
  • Masters degrees are a year long.  A very intense year.  But one year.
That may be the list of some of the most random things ever and by no means is it totally complete, but there it is nonetheless.  England, I do love you!  Though I still don't think you'll ever get me to sing 'God Save the Queen.'

08 December 2013

Happy Thoughts

This picture.  Tyler clicked the shutter as Mili got put down.  So, here is what happened in approximately 0.5 seconds.  She even handed Santa back her little goody bag of treats when he attempted to give it to her.

We finally have health insurance! And I went to the doctor! Who only lectured me a little bit about the whole not seeing anybody since 12 weeks into this pregnancy bit, though she gave me several completely incredulous looks.  And I get an ultrasound on Friday - they'd better not accidentally tell me what gender it is.  The following picture is totally irrelevant to this.  But it's too awesome to not share.

We got to watch one of our very best friends drive a NASCAR race car.  He rocked it.  Not surprising if you know Brad's actual driving habits.  And aren't he and his wife too good together?  Brad doesn't know it but he married Brea just so she and I could be friends, I'm sure of it.  She's the bomb.

It's Christmas time.  A time for really happy music, twinkly lights, copious amounts of hot chocolate, and people being nicer than they generally are.  And seeing as how we are poor, there's not much shopping happening here so I can remain completely oblivious to all that craziness.

This quote.  Right now, it says everything I cannot.  It is my motto, my mantra, whatever you will, it is what I am striving to live by everyday.

Confidence is not the certainty of success but rather the conclusion that failure does not determine our worth—
we lose nothing by trying.

03 December 2013


Tyler and I have almost an embarrassing amount of formal education between the two of us.  But apparently, we can't get the most of basic of technologies to work in our favor.

We caught a last minute $2 theater movie with friends last week and Tyler's parents graciously agreed to last minute babysit.  Therefore, when we got home that night Mili was crashed out in her crib in the guest room in the big house versus our little casita.  Fact: It is way easier for us to sleep in the guest bedroom rather than try to successfully move a very content sleeping baby and crib.  So we did.  And in this lovely guestroom (aka Blake's old room), there happens to be one of those super shnazzy sleep number beds, where you pick the squishiness of your side and all.

I laid down a few minutes before Tyler and got the bed all adjusted with the remote before sleepily laying it near where Tyler would lay down.  It must've only been a minute or two, but I was out cold before Tyler slipped into bed and crashed out as well.  Somewhere in the roundabouts of 1am, I woke up to a cacophony of clicks, shifting sounds, and mysterious noises emerging from the bed.  Adding to my confusion was the fact that my side of the bed seemed to have become the softest of marshmallow fluff, from which I could not extract my round pregnant self.  I reached over to see if Tyler was awake and realized that he was elevated a good foot above me on a bed that felt something like a granite countertop.  And then saw him befuddledly mashing the buttons on the bed remote, trying to comprehend why on earth he was sleeping on a rock.

Turns out when you sleep on the bed controller, it changes the bed in your sleep!  And then when you sleepily have the remote backwards, you only get each side to do the opposite of what you are wanting. Then you proceed to get the giggles together about it for at least half an hour, making really lame jokes that seem hilarious about being the queen of marshmallow fluff and sleeping on bricks.  I don't think we'll ever get one of those beds...