22 November 2013

I'm trying to actually be a blogger. We'll see how long this lasts.

Hey look!  It's where we live right now.
Mili Kay fell asleep last night in the car at around 7.  She then proceeded to wake up at around 9.30.  So, you know, we had a party for about an hour and a half before she stopped squirming and finally went back to sleep.  And honestly?  It was really fun.  She was all giggles and sunshine and sleepy slap-happy.
She also proceeded to say this word, over and over and over, for approximately five minutes before we finally figured out what she was trying to say.  It sounded vaguely like "oof" but not like her little dog "woofs" and turns out that I think it was supposed to be "out."  As in outside.  Where it was raining.  We went outside anyway for a few minutes.  Mili is trying so desperately to communicate these days and it's equal parts cute, hilarious, and serious guesswork.  The good news is that she has mastered 'please!'  The bad news is that she doesn't really say please but does this little close-lipped hum thing with big ol eyes that means please.  And wow, is this a mom post or what?
Pictured above is a tender mercy.  I may or may not been having a crazy stressed moment.  Aaaaand then, in walks the juggernaut.  How can you be serious when you see this?
And voila, reason number 76 to like Washington.  Hiking.
Tyler and Blake made longboards that are legit.  Serious.  I was enjoying them until I ate it and realized that I probably should hold off on it at the moment.  You know.  Maybe.

19 November 2013

Working on happily ever after

I have a story for you.  It's kind of like a fairy tale, but the old fashioned ones.  You know, where the bad guys are actually pretty darn scary and sometimes they get a little gory?  The good stuff.  No Disney gloss here.

Once upon a time,
in a land far, far away, where Mexican food was scarce and rain was plentiful, there lived a wonderful husband.  His wife loved him oh so much.  This brave man took on a quest, a quest of learning.  He faced, head-on, not one but TWO Masters degrees.  In two years.  He wrote essays upon essays upon essays.  There were exams.  Group projects.  Sleepless nights.  Long days.  A wife not-so-gracefully adjusting to momhood. 

He slayed two full dissertations!  There were all-nighters and all-dayers and crazy amounts of research. Being locked out the night before deadlines! (I warned you about the gore...)  But he returned home not only a husband, but a father and a graduate.  Victorious.

Somewhere, in all the chaos of international moving, finishing aforementioned dissertations, grandparents dying to see a grandbaby, and attempting to figure out the future, all of the appropriate celebration got lost.  And so, though he is living in his happily ever after of sorts, there hasn't been so much as a card to say "CONGRATULATIONS!"  There won't be a graduation cap and gown.  And sadly his wife can't get him any of the presents she knows he'd really like.  So, while in Washington we had a little party.  With a giant chocolate chip cookie and ice cream.  And a banner that wouldn't stay on the wall.

But here's to that husband.  My husband.  My main man, Tyler, who is fun, adventuresome, and a dreamer.  Don't you ever lose that.

Congratulations. I love you.