23 October 2013

By Faith

40 days since leaving England:
  • One 8-hour flight to Chicago, a 7-hour layover, and one 4-hour flight to Phoenix.
  • A waiting casita and happy grandparents
  • A car ride to Tucson to pick up our new (to us) car.
  • Emptying out the storage unit.
  • A 2-hour (so easy!) flight to Denver, Colorado.
  • 5 great days with my parents with a new family addition of a baby doll that Mili must now have at least somewhere accessible at all times.
  • Another flight back to Phoenix.
  • Three (or maybe four) crazy days of packing and planning.
  • Driving 1600+ miles in 3 days.
  • Sleeping in over 6 different locations.
  • Bribing Mili with a giant marshmallow every time she gets into the car.
  • Remembering how I left a chunk of my heart in Washington.
  • Knowing Washington is not the place.

By faith Abrahamwhen he was called to go out into place which he should after receive for an inheritanceobeyedand he went out, not knowing whither he went.
Hebrews 11:8