24 August 2013

Date Night with an Inventor

Conventional dates have never really been my thing.  I think somewhere amongst the fourth or fifth first date in a row where I was being taken goofy golfing, at the same place, yet again, this part of me up and rebelled and said, "To heck with all this."  Which is why it is incredibly handy to have married Tyler.

Tyler is an awesome date-planner.  Always has been, always will be.  But the whole date-night on the regular bit?  Not our forte.  Blame it on the dearth of excited 12 year olds to babysit the little or what have you.  That is not to say that we are lacking in love or exciting things to do together.  In fact, being married to an inventor provides for some of the most fun (and unconventional) nights being together.  This makes me incredibly happy.  Tonight was one of those nights and, as usual, it was awesome.

This is us working together.  Making a jet-testing device.  Actually waterproofing the aforementioned device that is mostly made.  Tyler is nice, he gets all the goop on his hands - though, to be totally honest, I don't mind getting all messy too.  We had a whole discussion on whether we think the caulk is going to work as well as the silicone sealant.  Earlier we found out how not waterproof the box originally was.  We raided our bathroom for toilet paper to help clean up some messes because I forgot to buy paper towels yet again.  The drill has been going fairly on the regular.  When Mili is awake she is learning words like 'socket,' 'bolt,' and 'drill bit.'  And the heater fan was even out so I could sit in front of it, hog the warmth, and reminisce about our first little tiny flat in England that was in an oh-so-sweet location by the beach but I may have failed to mention that the place was absolutely frigid for 99% of our time there.

To those of you who doubt that this is, in fact, fun - you don't even know.  Inventing brings adventures you never even dreamed of into your marriage!  Especially when you are two fairly laid back people who aren't too stuck on being right or doing it your way.  And so, here is one reason I highly recommend marrying an inventor.

16 August 2013

Puddle Jumping

This is unprompted, pure natural Mili bliss.  We went outside to run an errand and took a 20 minute play in the puddle detour.  She knew what puddles are really for.  It makes me feel like I'm doing something right.  Honestly, if I can just impart a huge love of outside to my girl, I know I'll be giving her so much.  The little exercise physiology/diabetes/obesity researcher in my head starts spouting off so many happy facts about kids who play outside.  And I love when that part of me spouts off happy facts.

11 August 2013

As of late

Here's our mornings lately.

Life is good.  August may just kill us with Tyler dissertationing and getting ready for international moving and cooling down weather already and probably not enough sleep but life is really really good.  I've neglected to mention how Mili Kay turned 1, Tyler and I hit our 4 year anniversary, Blake left us to head back to the AZ, and probably other significant happenings.  Me and this blog, we're working on getting it figured out.

We have a date to head back stateside - September 12th.  Don't ask about any other future plans just yet, we're getting there.  Just now we're looking forward to Mexican food and being on the same (or closer to the same) time zone as most of the people we love.  Most days I'm still pretty content here in England, but this little part of me is hankering for my beloved southwest and west coast US of A.  Adventures are ahead!